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Somnath Banerjee

BSc (Physics Hons) B. Tech (Electronics and Telecommunications)

FIRSE, MIEEE, MIRSTE, Registered Professional Engineer, Queensland (RPEQ), Qualified Assesor Australia Quality Training Framework, Chairperson Communications Committee IRSE Australia Chapter

Completed graduation with Physics Hons in 1974.

Was awarded B. Tech degree in Radio Physics and Electronics in the year 1977.

Joined Indian Railway Services of Signal Engineers in 1978. Served in the Indian Railways in various capacities starting as Assistant Signal and Telecommunication Engineer to Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer till 2001 when took voluntary retirement.

During the period was involved in several important Railway Signaling and Telecommunication projects.

Specialized in the development and introduction of severalfail safe processor based equipments as Radio Block working, working of Axle counters on radio or optical fiber links from 1985 on Indian Railways.

Presently working from Australia in signaling industry specializing in design of signaling systems and tools for Railway operations for projects in Australia as well as in other countries.

Experienced in designing of Advanced Railway Signalling Systems.

Engaged in developing online tools for the Railway Signaling System design and implementation.

Chairperson of Forum for Advanced Signalling.

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