Outsourcing Guru

Outsourcing Guru, with offices in Brisbane Australia and Howrah, West Bangal in India, provides support to business operating between two countries.

Support provide considerable benefits to business by

Online content creation and tools

  • Creating online content specially targetting them to customers for the two countries
  • Specialises in creating online tools to bring to life and provide more interactive experience to visitors of your site
  • Provides Google authenticated access control to portions of your site which require authenticated access
  • Provides document control authentication tools and create electronic document process trails for sensitive documents.

Logistic and support to clients on behalf of your business

  • For business in India to their clients in Australia
  • For business in Australia to their clients in India
  • Provide assurance to your overseas clients in India and Australia that a local business is interfacing with them
  • Arranging local logistic and other administrative support to business for your overseas operations in India and Australia
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